Reading is beneficial for health

Our health benefits from reading. Researchers find that people who read regularly are in better health than those who mainly follow social media or aimlessly surf on the Internet. Mental health is supported by the long-term perspective, calmness and feeling of purpose reading of literature provides.

Book therapy

Bibliotherapy or book therapy focuses on reading as a form of therapy in new, strange or chaotic situations. With a book we can escape from everyday concerns. Our imagination is triggered in a more creative way than for instance when watching a film, where the visual images are served on a platter. A book describes events, persons and places, but we create ourselves the pictures for its world, which strengthens the experience. A book is also often well structured and safe. We can relax and disconnect the world around us.

Everyone has the right to read

Books influence our development, intellect and emotions. They help us understand and reflect on ourselves, our feelings, experiences, situation and other people. We learn new topics and broaden our horizons through books. Reading creates balance in life. Reading the same book again during various periods of our lives is like setting up a mirror: we see how we change and grow.

Many different kinds of readers need Easy to Read books. Modern Easy books contain various questions and topics, but for firing the imagination they must be also exciting and descriptive enough, and at the same time they are constructed on Easy Language. The reader should find new aspects at each new reading. The Easy book can become a friend, to which the reader returns to several times during the life.

Books: Villa Bokpil

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