New book: The palm and the spy

A palm disappears in London.

It is rare and expensive.

When the palm is found in Berlin, questions arise and the mystery deepens.

How did it get there?

Is it the same tree?

Was the palm stolen at all?

Two historians try to find out what really happened in 1857.

To find the truth they must set out on a journey of discoveries and engage a spy.

Easy to Read adventure with several language levels about critical reading of historical sources.

Read The palm and the spy PDF, 1.1 MB on Villa Bokpil

Easy to Read levels 1–3, 4 standard language and 4+ advanced language

Sabira Stahlberg: The palm and the spy

Illustrations Maria Viitasalo

48 pages

Bokpil 2022

ISBN 978-952-7334-63-8

ISBN 978-952-7334-64-5 (e-book, PDF)