Philip in the tunnel – reading comprehension

Chapter 1

Philip likes

  1. computer games
  2. spaghetti
  3. mobile phones

Chapter 2

Philip is angry because

  1. the shopping mall is full of people
  2. Philip wants to choose a nicer mobile phone
  3. Grandma loves ice-cream

Chapter 3

Which one is true?

  1. The blue mobile phone is cheap
  2. The white model will easily get dirty
  3. The green mobile phone is nice

Chapter 4

Philip’s opinion of the black mobile phone is that

  1. it has a good torch
  2. it is expensive and has only two games
  3. it is not good, even if Mum believes it is

Chapter 5

Why is the family in a hurry?

  1. Philip is happy with the black mobile phone
  2. Mum wants to buy a dress
  3. It is soon four o’clock and Grandma is going to visit

Chapter 6

Philip sits on a bench. What is he doing there?

  1. Thinking that the new mobile phone is big and heavy
  2. Dad calls, saying that they are buying ice-cream
  3. Philip plays games on the mobile phone

Chapter 7

Philip does not want walk down to the car parking floor. He wants to

  1. take the lift
  2. slide down
  3. use the escalators

Chapter 8

Philip is standing in the lift.

  1. He has a lot of space, because the lift is empty
  2. He happens to push a lady
  3. He steps on a man’s toes

Chapter 9

When the lift arrives,

  1. Philip looks for the family car
  2. the lift goes immediately up again
  3. Philip runs down the stairs

Chapter 10

At the car parking floor, Philip sees

  1. a dark green car
  2. the man he pushed
  3. that the mobile phone has no connection below the Earth’s surface

Chapter 11

At the car

  1. an angry voice calls for Philip
  2. the lady recognises Philip
  3. Philip is happy

Chapter 12

Philip finds an open door and

  1. everything is dark inside
  2. he stands in a sharp light
  3. he needs a key

Chapter 13

Philip thinks about how to get out.

  1. He cries from fear
  2. He calls Dad
  3. Philip hopes Mum will find him

Chapter 14

The torch in the mobile phone is working.

  1. Philip finds the door handle and unlocks the door
  2. Philip tries to find a way out
  3. The mobile phone falls out of Philip’s pocket

Chapter 15

Philip can hear voices and steps.

  1. He expects that someone will let him out
  2. Philip tries to shout
  3. Philip tries to climb out

Chapter 16

Philip walks on inside the tunnel.

  1. He is in a big, bright hall
  2. He sees a ghost
  3. He stumbles on a cable

Chapter 17

Philip feels that there is cold draught in the tunnel. Why?

  1. He is very scared of the ghost
  2. The wind blows coldly through the tunnel
  3. Philip finds himself in a huge fridge

Chapter 18

There is a hole in the ceiling. Philip can hear

  1. how the loudspeaker in the shopping mall calls for him
  2. how the loudspeaker offers ice-cream for a cheap price
  3. how Mum answers, when Philip shouts

Chapter 19

Should Philip continue or not? He is sure that

  1. Dad will call the police
  2. he will get into the middle of the Earth
  3. he will find an exit

Chapter 20

In the tunnel Philip finds an animal.

  1. Philip sees a huge, angry cat
  2. Philip finds a snake
  3. Philip touches a rat

Chapter 21

Philip jumps over a big puddle and is splashed with water, because

  1. the mobile phone’s battery is empty
  2. he is afraid of the rat
  3. he hears noise behind him and he is scared

Chapter 22

The tunnel turns. How does Philip know it?

  1. Philip feels with his hand on the wall
  2. The wind blows harder behind the corner
  3. Philip runs directly into the wall

Chapter 23

Philip can’t see anything, because

  1. he suddenly gets into a bright light
  2. he sees robots with big heads
  3. there are four terrible beings ahead of him

Chapter 25

The robot comes to Philip.

  1. It has a helmet on
  2. Philip shakes hands with it
  3. Philip blows his nose in his sleeve

Chapter 26

Philip is relieved, because

  1. the third robot sits in the excavator
  2. Philip wants to stay in the tunnel
  3. Rufus cannot find Philip’s mobile phone

Chapter 27

Philip walks back through the tunnel and sees that

  1. the rat is Charlie’s cap
  2. Rufus jumps over the water puddles
  3. two thick pipelines are leaking

Chapter 28

Philip is happy and feels safe.

  1. He is no longer scared of darkness and rats
  2. He knows that Charlie can fix the leak in the tunnel
  3. He believes that there might be a flood in the tunnel

Chapter 29

People in the shopping mall stare at Philip and Rufus, because

  1. Rufus has dirty hair
  2. Philip’s shoes are white from dust
  3. Philip has a black spot on his nose

Chapter 30

In the shopping mall

  1. Philip runs to the guards
  2. the ice-cream has already melted
  3. Rufus shakes hands with Philip’s parents