Philip in the forest – reading comprehension

Chapter 1

Philip is angry with Greg, because

  1. Greg says nothing
  2. Greg forgot a book
  3. Mimi makes friends with Greg

Chapter 2

Philip walks into the forest

  1. to collect mushrooms
  2. to find a big stone
  3. because he is angry with everybody

Chapter 3

Philip gets wet in the rain and

  1. he wants to go home
  2. he remembers Grandfather
  3. he notices that he forgot his raincoat

Chapter 4

Philip walks around in circles

  1. to get back to the stone
  2. because all people do that
  3. because he is afraid of the spruces

Chapter 5

Philip finds a swamp

  1. and gets his feet wet
  2. with barrels
  3. with blood-sucking leeches

Chapter 6


  1. wants to hit Philip because he is angry
  2. shakes hands with Philip
  3. apologises for forgetting the book

Chapter 7

Philip marks his way

  1. with paint and tape
  2. as a memory game
  3. until he finds Greg

Chapter 8

Philip asks to be forgiven

  1. for creating a quarrel
  2. for running away
  3. because his battery is empty

Chapter 9

Greg says that

  1. they need evidence of the barrels
  2. Philip must show the way
  3. he has a torch

Chapter 10

The boys arrive at the bus and

  1. the teacher is happy
  2. Philip’s Mum is worried
  3. the others say Philip is inventing things

Chapter 11

The teacher looks at

  1. the photos of poison barrels
  2. the evidence and calls the police
  3. a leech sucking blood

Chapter 12

Greg says that

  1. chlorine is in the water
  2. cyanide can be used in the garden
  3. mercury is poisonous

Chapter 13

Henry must

  1. calm down the hungry pupils
  2. see that Philip gets dry clothes
  3. let the policemen go into the forest

Chapter 14

The police have torches and they

  1. shine clearly on the path
  2. shine directly on a bellowing elk
  3. shine on the swamp

Chapter 15


  1. is good at finding his way
  2. ought to become a lawyer
  3. sees a man in the forest

Chapter 16

The man runs

  1. from the swamp towards the boys
  2. to the policemen
  3. because he is afraid

Chapter 17

The man explains that

  1. the barrels contain plastic
  2. come from an already closed factory
  3. there are barrels in five places

Chapter 18

Greg asks if

  1. the man is a chemist or ecologist
  2. the man worked at the factory
  3. Philip feels like a hero

Chapter 19

The policemen

  1. mark the way with tape
  2. want to have the clothes and boots the boys wear
  3. invite Greg to come to their laboratory

Chapter 20

Philip explains

  1. to Mum about the forest
  2. that he will soon be home
  3. that Mum should take a photo of him