Philip in the forest

Philip in the forest tells about the environment, our responsibility for nature and the role of humans. It also discusses tolerance, friendship, supporting each other and lying or speaking the truth.

Place: The story takes place in a forest in rainy autumn weather. It describes how to prepare for an excursion into a forest and how to observe nature to find the way out.

Group: Elementary and secondary school

Discussion: Tell/write about something you have found in the forest or an animal you have seen.

Do you usually find your way in the forest? How do you do it?

How does rubbish in our environment affect our lives?

What can we do to reduce garbage?

When should you call the police?

Which kind of thoughts did you receive from the story?

What would you do in Philip’s situation?

Tasks: Draw your own pictures about the story.

Write your own story about one of the pictures in the book.