Philip at the zoo

Philip at the zoo tells about self-knowledge and confrontation with dangers, imaginary or real. It is also about relations with relatives, and how to stand by yourself, when you know you are right and the grown-ups act in a wrong way.

Place: The story takes place in a zoo and tells about various animals, people who work there and how to behave in a zoo.

Group: Elementary and secondary school

Discussion: Tell/write about your latest visit to a zoo.

What kind of animals or people are you afraid of?

How do you react in a dangerous situation?

What do you do, when you meet a difficult person?

How do you act, when you know you are right and grown-ups are wrong?

Tell/write about a relative you like. Why do you like this relative?

What kind of thoughts come to you from the story?

What would you do in Philip’s situation?

Tasks: Draw your own pictures about the story.

Write your own story about one of the pictures in the book.