Philip at the airport – reading comprehension

Chapter 1

Philip likes

  1. flying kites
  2. air pockets
  3. uniforms of pilots

Chapter 2

Philip is hungry, but

  1. he stands in a queue for such a long time
  2. he is staring at a screen
  3. there is no food in his suitcase

Chapter 3

Security is controlled

  1. by machines
  2. by people
  3. by passengers

Chapter 4

The parents are emptying

  1. their bags
  2. their pockets
  3. their shoes

Chapter 5

The display of Philip’s mobile phone shows

  1. an air-plane
  2. a black cat
  3. strange characters

Chapter 6

Philip sees a boy

  1. with a yellow T-shirt by the book shop
  2. inside the passport control
  3. in the big hall

Chapter 7


  1. carries his ticket and passport in his pocket
  2. gets into the crowd of tall boys
  3. is pulled by the group pulls forwards in the queue

Chapter 8

The policeman

  1. does not notice Philip among the boys
  2. sees how the boys sit down in the café
  3. looks out into the corridor

Chapter 9

Philip is looking for the boy, who took his phone

  1. in the corridors
  2. at gate 30
  3. outside gate 32

Chapter 10

Philip tries to squeeze in

  1. to the hall where many people are waiting
  2. through the glass door
  3. between big bags

Chapter 11

Between the gates

  1. the door is locked
  2. there is a corridor
  3. the passengers board the plane

Chapter 12

The boys in yellow shirts

  1. are tall and play basketball
  2. have brown hair and blue trousers
  3. are a big group waiting for their flight

Chapter 13

Philip has lost his mobile phone

  1. at the security control
  2. to a foreign boy
  3. in the toilet

Chapter 14

The girl with whom Philip speaks

  1. is pretty and has a red necklace
  2. has a picture of a cat on her shirt
  3. starts giggling when she is surprised

Chapter 15

The girl’s mobile phone

  1. is in Philip’s hand
  2. is in a bag around her neck
  3. is in the girl’s pocket

Chapter 16

Philip manages to change phones. On the way back

  1. he is held up at passport control
  2. he succeeds in calling his parents
  3. he follows the signs back

Chapter 17

Philip is walking around in the airport and

  1. he is lost in endless corridors
  2. arrives at the café
  3. eats a sandwich

Chapter 18

Philip tries to get back

  1. through the gate from the wrong direction
  2. to gate 20
  3. through a forbidden area

Chapter 19

Philip is desperate and

  1. he calls his Mum
  2. he says nothing to Dad
  3. he finds the information desk

Chapter 20

Philip receives help

  1. from the lady at the information desk
  2. from an elderly man
  3. from the boys in the café

Chapter 21

The lady at the information desk

  1. calls the police
  2. walks Philip to the police
  3. cannot help Philip, who is lost

Chapter 22

Philip runs

  1. out into the big hall
  2. out of the airport
  3. through the passport control

Chapter 23

Philip manages to catch his flight, but

  1. on board people are angry at him for making them wait
  2. on board he receives no food
  3. he sees the flight first start to Osaka

Chapter 24

Philip explains to Mum about

  1. the girl who took his phone
  2. the passport control
  3. the boys with sports bags