Miranda – reading comprehension

Chapter 1

Mira is often alone at home and in school because

  1. Mira’s parents seldom have time because of work
  2. the classmates bully her
  3. she likes being alone

Chapter 2

The class visits a dolphinarium

  1. to see mammals living in water
  2. to do tricks with the dolphins
  3. to learn to swim

Chapter 3

What are the dolphins doing?

  1. They sing and whistle
  2. They dance a waltz for the audience
  3. They prefer to eat raw fish

Chapter 4

Mira drops her keys

  1. at school where someone takes them
  2. in the dolphinarium
  3. on the way home

Chapter 5

Mira goes back to the dolphinarium

  1. to ask for her keys
  2. to swim with the dolphins
  3. to feed the dolphins with fish

Chapter 6

Mira is shy in front of the young man. Why?

  1. He laughs at her
  2. He does not believe her
  3. He knows somebody named Miranda

Chapter 7

What do the dolphins want to do together with Mira?

  1. Sing and talk
  2. They want her to scratch their bellies
  3. They are hungry and want fish

Chapter 8

The dolphins laugh all the time, because

  1. they are happy
  2. they make Mira laugh as well
  3. they make Marcus laugh

Chapter 9

What are the dolphins saying?

  1. Mira is stupid and ugly
  2. Mira can’t swim
  3. They like Mira

Chapter 10

The dolphin Miranda

  1. is careful with people
  2. cares for the smaller dolphins, as she is very big
  3. likes to talk with people

Chapter 11

Why do some people bully others?

  1. They think they are better than others
  2. They think it is fun
  3. They have nothing better to do
  4. They feel stronger and bigger

Chapter 12

Bullying starts with a leader. Others join in, because

  1. they are afraid they will be bullied
  2. they are scared of the leader
  3. they want to be part of the group

Chapter 13

The dolphins are

  1. afraid of sharks
  2. able to swim a hundred kilometres
  3. often caught in fishermen’s nets

Chapter 14

The dolphin Miranda

  1. dislikes boundaries
  2. never says stop
  3. stands still to show she does not like something

Chapter 15

Mira forgets her keys, because

  1. they are under the chair
  2. the dolphin Miranda calls to her
  3. the keys fall into the water

Chapter 16

The dolphin Miranda wants to

  1. eat the keys instead of fish
  2. bring the keys up from the water
  3. play with the bunch of keys

Chapter 17

The name Miranda

  1. means princess
  2. makes Mira braver
  3. helps Mira to talk with her parents and teachers

Chapter 18

Who is a good friend?

  1. A person who often bullies
  2. A person who supports and helps
  3. A person who gossips with others
  4. A person who sometimes supports you