Miranda is a story about bullying and being lonely. It also tells about getting the right kind of support and self-confidence, starting to believe in oneself and standing up for one’s rights and the right to exist against group pressure.

The book is recommended for pupils who have been bullied, groups with bullying problems and for bullying persons.

Place: The story takes place in a dolphinarium and tells about dolphins in freedom and captivity, reflected against the life of the main character.

Group: Elementary and secondary schools

Discussion: Tell about bullying (mobbing) you have experienced.

Why do some people bully others?

Why do people participate in bullying, when they don’t really want to?

Is it right to bully somebody for looks or other reasons? Why?

Imagine you are the one bullying. How does it feel?

Imagine that you are being bullied. How do you feel?

What kind of thoughts do you receive from the story?

What would you do in Miranda’s situation?

Tasks: Draw your own pictures about the story.

Write your own story about one of the pictures in the book.