Flower talk – reading comprehension

Which statements are true? Answer also the questions.

Early spring

  1. When the snow melts, blue snowdrops appear.
  2. Crocus is violet or yellow.
  3. Wild daffodils are white or pink.
  4. You get saffron from wild daffodils.
  5. The flower we pick for Mother’s Day is a bunch of wood anemones.
  6. Blue-eyed Mary is a forget-me-not.
  7. All violets and cowslips have a strong aroma.


  1. Everybody admires cherry blossoms in Japan.
  2. Tulip bulbs come from Amsterdam.
  3. Iris is a boy’s name.
  4. Which white flowers are often in bride bouquets?
  5. Rhubarb has small leaves.
  6. Which leaf has been used as a plaster?

Late spring

  1. Common daisy means in the flower language angry and disappointed.
  2. The lilac loves wasps.
  3. Which flower is a relative of the potato?

Early summer

  1. European columbine is a relative of spearmint.
  2. Mosquitoes do not like tagetes.
  3. Rhododendron exists in Paradise.
  4. Rhododendron lets out a lot of steam into the air.
  5. Yellow flags (yellow iris) can be used as swords.


  1. Romans bathed with fastigiate gypsophila.
  2. Burnet rose has heavy, yellow flowers.
  3. Big, blue flowers climb. What do you do about them?
  4. Tagetes has plumes.
  5. Valeriana calms down dogs and cats.
  6. Pions come from America.
  7. Crown imperials were previously put into emperors’ crowns.
  8. Snails like sweet William.
  9. Which wild orchid has spots on the leaves?
  10. The neighbour’s dog does not like common marigolds.

Late summer

  1. Malva spreads slowly.
  2. Common snapdragon gape like dragons.
  3. The moth loves living in lavender bags.
  4. Which flower goes into the salad?
  5. Common hollyhock is a kind of rose.
  6. Pea plants destroy the soil so that other plants can’t grow.
  7. Gladiolus is a tall flower.

Early autumn

  1. Forking larkspur is red and has spurs.
  2. Aconite has violet flowers and helmets.
  3. Dahlia roots need to be dug out in the autumn.
  4. Dahlias are easy to take care of and grow.
  5. Hydrangea is the favourite of the rabbit.
  6. Sunflower means loyalty and love in the flower language.


  1. Violets are first red and then become blue because of the frost.
  2. The thicket creeper burns down the wall.
  3. Amaryllis plays the flute for the cat.
  4. The cat has sensitive ears.
  5. For Christmas it is usual to give hyacinths as gifts.
  6. Christmas roses blossom in spring.