Dog and sofa

Easy Read book for dog lovers of all ages.

The dog is away and still it is here. It leaves traces everywhere in the house and most it loves the sofa.

The dog plays with the children and asks to share food with the family. In the dog’s eyes the family belongs to the flock.

The dog takes the owner out for a walk in all kinds of weather. It does not bring the newspaper or pay attention to bicycles, but the dog is always happy and understanding. It likes to give and receive attention. Who would like to have such a friend?

This book is for all ages, from children to adults, elderly and also persons with memory failure. Those who have dogs or have owned dogs recognise experiences and memories.

The book can be used for discussions in groups about friendship, pets and responsibility.

This book is a Pedagogical Easy Read and can be used in school and at home for learning and activities.

Place: At home, in nature and in the street

Group: All age groups

Discussion: How should one take care of pets?

Who carries the responsibility for pets?

What do pets mean to humans?

How do pets help humans? Give examples.

How can we understand what animals want to tell us?

What would you do, if you were the main character in the book?

What thoughts do you get from the book?

Tasks: Write a story about one of the pictures in the book.

Write a story about an adventure together with a dog.