A hundred poems – reading comprehension

What is a haiku?

  1. The world’s shortest poem
  2. A long poem with rhyme
  3. A poem about nature
  4. European form of poem

What is haiku spirit?

  1. Human soul
  2. Feeling for nature and animals
  3. Movement
  4. Contrast

When you write haiku, you look at the world

  1. through a camera lens
  2. in a new way
  3. right now when something happens
  4. with feeling


  1. is shown though seasonal words
  2. changes every day
  3. is close to humans
  4. gives us peace and quiet

Where does haiku come from?

  1. Colonies of Great Britain
  2. United States
  3. Japan
  4. China

What happens in a haiku?

  1. Nothing at all
  2. It is like a photo of something that happens
  3. It is a memory for life
  4. Surprise

Why write haiku?

  1. Concentrate your wandering thoughts
  2. Express a great feeling
  3. Calm down from stress
  4. Everybody can have a good laugh


What happens in the poems?

  1. Frost and snow for skiing
  2. Snow flakes slowly and quietly fall down
  3. Moon glitters on the newly fallen snow
  4. The world is black and white


What happens in spring?

  1. Snow and ice are melting
  2. Migrating birds arrive
  3. Bird-houses are not occupied
  4. The windows are dirty


How do we look at summer?

  1. Mosquitoes are buzzing and birds are singing
  2. Ants bite my legs
  3. Weeds grow hardly at all
  4. Hail falls and hurts my head


What does autumn look like?

  1. Ted and yellow leaves create carpets on the earth
  2. Whirling maple leaves on the asphalt
  3. White frost and haze
  4. Apples fall and the mice are celebrating
  5. We make apple jam and juice
  6. Ice-cold wind hits the cheeks

The city

What happens in the city?

  1. Gulls beg for fish at the market
  2. Asphalt is grey and it rains
  3. Building stands beside building, and many streets
  4. The city never sleeps


What does water mean to us?

  1. Alone at sea
  2. The wind stops and the lake is like a mirror
  3. Rain or watering can?
  4. We need water to survive

The forest

What do we do in the forest and what do we see?

  1. Trees fall in the storm
  2. We are picking blueberries and lingonberries
  3. Birds stop singing when we come
  4. Anthills and lots of ants running around


Who are our friends?

  1. Cats and dogs
  2. Schoolmates from a long time ago
  3. Books and mobile phones
  4. The whole world

The garden

What are we doing the garden? What can we find there?

  1. Lush flowerbeds
  2. Soil on the fingers
  3. Storm in the fruit trees
  4. When it is raining, we hide under the roof


How do we live?

  1. The alarm clock rings for work and school
  2. Happy faces in the morning bus
  3. Life is too short or long
  4. The meaning of life is a mystery