A hundred poems

A hundred poems is a book of poetry, about feeling well, about creating a good atmosphere and enjoying life. It also deals with how to express feelings and moods.

The book can be read by all ages and it is recommended especially for new arrivals and immigrants, those who are learning English, elderly and people with memory difficulties or decreased sight.

Place: Forest, garden, city, sea/lake, field, at home – the poems are divided into seasons, places and themes.

Group: All age groups

Discussion: What kind of poems do you like?

Choose one or some of the poems. Which are your favourites?

What feelings come to you from the poems?

Which new thoughts do you get?

Discuss the poems you have chosen with the others in the group. What is described in them?

What do they tell about yourself or life?

Tasks: Draw your own pictures about a poem.

Continue writing from the starting lines at the end of the book.

Write your own poems or story to the pictures in the book.