Materials 1

Materials level 1

For every book we explain what the book is about, for which age group it is targeted and questions you can discuss in a group.

All books can be used in English lessons for newly arrived immigrants and those who already know some English, independently of age. You can also use these books as help to teach Swedish or Bulgarian, parallel with the Swedish– or Bulgarian-language books.

The books about Philip support the development of knowledge and skills. Philip is lost but finds his way, because he tries to think himself and get out of the difficult situation.

Philip’s use of the mobile phone is focused on: the mobile phone is his great passion, but also the problem. He has to cope without adult support or help from the environment, because the mobile phone never functions when it should.

The persons in the books are realistic, multi-faceted and never completely good or bad, and mainly they are material for discussion. The situations in the books have all real background.

If you copy the materials on paper, please add an acknowledgement: (c) Bokpil and this year. Thank you!