The key in the book – reading comprehension


Elsa is running to catch the train, because

  1. she is meeting her boyfriend
  2. she is following a man
  3. she is wet from the rain
  4. she has a new, red jacket

Elsa has read many pages in the archives

  1. to search for facts
  2. to copy books
  3. to see what a certain person is reading
  4. to find the truth


The mansion is open to the public

  1. the whole summer
  2. every summer, Christmas and Easter
  3. twice a year
  4. all Sundays

Bert is in the library at the mansion and

  1. he is looking at an embroidered book
  2. he takes out something from the book
  3. he pretends to be polite
  4. the guard tells about the key in the book


Elsa says she saw Bert take out the key from the book.

  1. He does not believe her
  2. He says that he knows something she does not know
  3. He wants to know the truth about the key
  4. He thinks she wants to have money

The car Bert borrowed came from

  1. his local friend
  2. a leasing-firm
  3. his son who lived nearby
  4. his friend’s son


Duke John was the son of

  1. Gustav Vasa
  2. Gustav II Adolf
  3. John III
  4. Erik XIV

The treasure was valuable and personal.

  1. Priest Sture stole it from Duke John
  2. John gave the treasure to Sture
  3. Sture’s staff stole the treasure during John’s visit
  4. Duke John hid the treasure


Sture’s castle was huge and beautiful.

  1. Nowadays only the cellar remains
  2. It had over four hundred rooms
  3. It was built in baroque style
  4. It had a large French garden

While they were digging for the cellar

  1. the police came
  2. curious tourists arrived
  3. the angry owner shows up
  4. a car with the sons of Bert’s friend arrives


The young men threaten with a loaded pistol, because

  1. they want to have the whole treasure
  2. they wish to dig in the garden
  3. they are afraid of Elsa
  4. they participate in Bert’s little joke

What does the treasure consist of?

  1. Gold money
  2. A ring or silver cutlery
  3. Duke John’s heritage
  4. A richly decorated cross


A feeling of distrust grows, because

  1. Elsa does not believe in Bert, who tried to scare her
  2. Bert thinks Elsa believes in anything
  3. Bert has the pistol
  4. Elsa keeps the pistol

Elsa’s ancestors sold to Duke John, but were not paid for

  1. jewellery made of gold
  2. a bed made of silver
  3. copper casseroles
  4. valuable brocades


Anna could do many things, among others

  1. use magic to make people ill
  2. read and write
  3. use herbs for curing people
  4. look into the future

Duchess Maria, Duke John’s wife, wanted

  1. very much to have children
  2. have an abortion
  3. to see John’s head fall
  4. burn all witches at the stake


Duke John visited the priest Sture and

  1. Sture murdered John after dinner
  2. ate of all delicacies Sture offered
  3. John’s men ate and drank too much
  4. Sture died of poison after the visit

Sture was no murderer, or was he?

  1. He was a good Catholic and a Christian
  2. He would not murder his employer
  3. Sture had not enough courage to murder anyone
  4. Sture hated Anna


In the church there was one big stone in the floor

  1. with text in old language
  2. and the treasure was in Sture’s grave
  3. with signs showing where the treasure was
  4. with loops and characters in gold

Sture was in his time

  1. a rich merchant
  2. a farmer
  3. a Lutheran priest
  4. a Catholic priest


The medieval church

  1. was once a castle church
  2. is nowadays a forgotten church
  3. was only a small village church
  4. is still in use

Someone tried to poison Duke John and

  1. the priest Sture was suspected
  2. someone in Duke John’s family was guilty
  3. someone else wanted to become king
  4. John’s brother wanted to murder him


John’s uncle was king and

  1. forced all Catholics to become Lutherans
  2. took anything the Church owned for the state
  3. persecuted Lutherans and witches
  4. killed all the Catholics

Sture was put into jail and

  1. hanged for having stolen Duke John’s treasure
  2. beheaded for having poisoned John
  3. Sture’s wife promised the king a treasure if Sture was released
  4. Sture’s wife and children fled abroad


The medieval church was

  1. in good condition for its age
  2. in bad condition, as nobody took care of it
  3. full of beautiful paintings
  4. recently renovated

The treasure is in

  1. the church crypt
  2. the church vestry
  3. built into the wall
  4. up in the tower


The ghost in the old church was

  1. the lady of the castle haunting it
  2. an old priest, who does not wish to leave his church
  3. Duchess Maria
  4. Mary Magdalene

The ghost was dressed in

  1. a beautiful dress with pearls
  2. white clothes and black cap
  3. black, long dress
  4. a long coat


Maria disappeared suddenly

  1. through the wall
  2. through a door at the back of the church
  3. through the ceiling
  4. into thin air

The door leads to

  1. the crypt below in the cellar
  2. up the tower
  3. a secret room
  4. the toilet


Elsa climbs up the stairs, but

  1. she is afraid of spiders
  2. the stairs look rotten
  3. up there is a hole in the wall
  4. something glimmers in the niche

Bert takes eagerly the glimmering thing, which

  1. is a silver spoon
  2. looks like a small fork
  3. consists of silver coins
  4. is a silver plate


Bert wonders why there is a fork in the church.

  1. Everybody had silver cutlery in the old days
  2. People brought their own cutlery on visits
  3. Most people ate with their fingers then
  4. The fork was the Devil’s symbol

Elsa knew the fork belonged to

  1. the devil in an altarpiece
  2. the key that could not open the altarpiece
  3. to Virgin Mary and Jesus
  4. Duchess Mary, who had a beautiful crown


The left side of the altar piece

  1. contained the embroidered book
  2. gave Elsa a hint to many secrets
  3. showed that the keys belonged to the lady of the house
  4. indicated where the treasure was

A murder and witchcraft was discovered through

  1. the book with lilies-of-the-valley
  2. by Mary Magdalene
  3. in the crown of John
  4. a bunch of keys


Sture hid Duke John’s crown, because

  1. it would otherwise have fallen into wrong hands
  2. it saved the life of Duchess Maria
  3. Sture’s family was in danger
  4. Sture’s relatives wanted to keep the crown

Bert walked down the steps to

  1. get some tools
  2. go to the toilet
  3. let in air into the tower
  4. drive away from the church


Elsa is in panic, but

  1. she has to carefully step down the dark stairs, in order not to fall
  2. she sees that Bert’s torch shines
  3. she notices that Bert is pale and has no pulse
  4. she is also happy, as only she knows about the treasure

Elsa starts arranging:

  1. She puts the pistol, the key and the fork into the altarpiece
  2. She calls the police and ambulance
  3. She carries Bert to the car and drives him to the hospital
  4. She collects the crown and the altarpiece and sends them to the museum