The key in the book

The key in the book is about our relation to history, the need for historical knowledge and how the past influences us today. The book discusses also values, right and wrong, responsibility and limits to freedom of action. Our responsibility to keep our heritage and our understanding that historical, famous persons have been ordinary people is also emphasized.

The book is recommended especially for persons who are interested in the history of Sweden and Finland, elderly and persons with memory difficulties.

Place: The story takes place in a museum, at ruins and a medieval church, where historical secrets are slowly unveiled to the reader.

Group: From higher grades at elementary school to adults

Discussion: Tell about a museum or ruins you have visited. Describe the place and what you saw.

Why is it important to know our own history?

Why should we take care of our ancient heritage?

Whose responsibility is it to teach history to children and take care of the inheritance from the past?

What do the main characters in the story do right or wrong? Check every chapter and discuss.

How free are we to do what we think is right, even when it is wrong in the eyes of society?

What kind of thoughts came to you from the story?

What would you do in Elsa’s situation?

Tasks: Write your own story which occurs in the past. It could be about one of your ancestors.