The heart of the cook – reading comprehension

Which statements are true? Answer also the questions.

Where is the heart of the cook?

The cook composes music with vegetables.

The cook loves to wash dishes.

The cook has always made good food.

The food is too salty for the guests.

Does French food taste best?

What kind of porridge was there after the war?

The ancient Egyptians ate oatmeal porridge.

Maize porridge in Italy is called…

Muesli is served with…

Buckwheat porridge is white and smooth.

Rutabaga has a lot of vitamin B.

Sweet potatoes are green.

Sweet potatoes taste just like potatoes.

Rutabaga is not very nutritious.

Do we eat rutabaga casserole for Easter?

Sushi comes from China.

Does sushi contain rice, fish and avocado?

Algae glue on the teeth and they are healthy.

What is wasabi?

You eat sushi with fork and knife.

Is spaghetti the hole in the macaroni?

Pasta and pizza come from South America.

Marco Polo brought noodles from Asia.

Spaghetti with meat sauce is called…

Do you eat spaghetti with fork or spoon?

Does hamburger mean bread with fish?

Double hamburger has four pieces of bread.

Mustard is made from powder.

Hamburgers are very healthy food.

How many hamburgers can you eat in one go?

At a brandy table they served only brandy.

Does the word buffet mean a buffoon?

Sandwich table has no sandwiches.

A cold table is made of ice.

A Swedish table serves also hot food.

A Swedish table means that the Swedes sit here and eat.

Fresh fish has red gills.

Does fish contain minerals?

Ugly fish live at the surface in the sea.

Fish do not eat plastic.

Fish which are sold as fillets still have their heads.

On which side pf the body is your liver?

You can bread a liver or fry it.

Are blood pancakes too heavy food?

Viscera are kidneys, heart and intestines.

How do you make food flambé?

Does a vegetarian eat eggs and chicken?

Milk products are cheese, sour milk and cream.

Vegetarians often eat milk products.

Vegetarians do not touch meat.

A vegetarian gets all nutrition from meat.

From where did the potato arrive to Europe?

You can make oven potato, mashed or cooked potatoes.

Mashed potatoes are made only from powder.

Does the potato have eyes and ears?

In what way was the Industrial Revolution supported by potatoes?

Does the food smell or taste more?

Dill and parsley smell have the same aroma.

Spices all smell the same when they are cooked.

You can take away spices from the food according to taste.

Spices are used for hiding bad taste in the food.

Coffee is popular in Turkey.

Who was the first Nordic person who drank coffee, when and where?

Tea is cultivated in Thailand.

English people drink tea with cream and honey.

Cocoa and chocolate stimulate the body.

Bread belongs to every meal.

Do you eat bread every day? How many times? What kind of bread?

Is yeast and sour dough root the same thing?

Gluten-free bread is baked without flour.

How long should a dough raise for a good bread?

We eat a hundred kilogrammes of sugar per person and year.

Does sugar make cavities in the teeth?

Sugar has been eaten in Europe for a hundred years.

Alternatives to sugar are fruit.

Humans like to eat sweet things.

The cook is skilful with the knife.

The cook is inspired during trips.

The cook is a master chef with own recipes.

How often do you succeed in the kitchen?

Preparing food happens every day in every household.