The heart of the cook

The heart of the cook is about food and cooking. Food gathers people, they have fun together and they feel well. Good food creates a good mood and helps us enjoy life.

The heart of the cook also tells about life, about expressing feelings, to succeed and fail and accepting oneself. It is about our limitations and our possibilities to develop.

The book can be read by all age groups and it is especially recommended for immigrants, persons who learn English, elderly and persons with memory difficulties or weak sight.

Place: Different places in the world and the kitchen

Group: All age groups

Discussion: Which kinds of food do you like? Why?

Which are your favourites among ingredients? Explain why.

What kind of food do you like to prepare? Why?

What memories do you have from food? Describe.

Choose one or a few ingredients or kinds of food. Describe them and tell why you chose them.

What feelings does food awaken in you?

What new thoughts did the stories in the book give you?

Discuss the food you chose with the others in the group. What do they mean to you and what meaning do they have in your life?

What do they tell about you or your life?

Tasks: Draw your own pictures to the stories.

Write about an ingredient which is not included in the book.

Write your own story or a poem for the pictures in the book.