Fix the focus – reading comprehension


Sandra is

  1. untidy
  2. organised
  3. beautiful
  4. dressed in a raincoat
  5. wearing a nice dress

Larry teaches

  1. sports
  2. geology
  3. geography
  4. botany
  5. zoology

Plex is

  1. a type of eyeglasses
  2. a phone
  3. a computer
  4. a combination of different machines
  5. something you can buy at the supermarket


The database at school

  1. combines questions and answers
  2. asks the students different questions
  3. checks homework
  4. helps the teacher to check answers after exams
  5. sends out information to students

The lesson about war

  1. feels more real with plex
  2. is a lecture on how war influences the environment
  3. is about a war a hundred years ago
  4. tells about astronomy
  5. explains to the students about the environment is destroyed

Aaron likes

  1. black holes
  2. astronomy
  3. moon and sun
  4. general knowledge
  5. blond people


Languages in plex can

  1. be spoken and translated
  2. used for translating ancient documents
  3. send information to others
  4. tell about green sofas in the ocean
  5. be checked by using old dictionaries

Aaron sees

  1. a plant growing out of the sauce
  2. the name in Greek for cactus
  3. flowers in the park and their Latin names
  4. interesting birds in the trees
  5. dill on the plate

The cactus

  1. is small and invisible
  2. is as big as a football
  3. disturbs Aaron’s work
  4. is taken away by his colleagues
  5. is one of many huge cactuses at the workplace


Sandra sees a

  1. small dog in the street
  2. black cat by the bakery
  3. red parrot in the tree
  4. dog which is big as a horse
  5. dog which is angry and she is scared

The poodle of the old lady

  1. often barks
  2. scares people
  3. likes nice things to eat
  4. hates Larry
  5. loves Aaron

The plex connect

  1. never in the wrong way
  2. always right
  3. sometimes in a crazy way
  4. differently for the four friends
  5. the four friends to each other


Alpine skiing

  1. is a summer sport
  2. means jumping from an airplane
  3. is done with a sleigh on ice
  4. is the same as slalom
  5. means skiing in the Alps

The main character has

  1. blue spots on the hands
  2. yellow spots on the shirt
  3. untidy clothes
  4. not cleaned up the room
  5. neat shoes

The match is

  1. basketball at school
  2. football at the stadium
  3. between different clubs
  4. not so rich in goals, because the players are tired
  5. very loud


Sandra prefers to eat

  1. vegetarian food
  2. meat
  3. fish
  4. pasta with meat sauce
  5. pasta with spinach and cheese
  6. eggs

The four friends will exchange plex

  1. with each other
  2. so that Larry gets Aaron’s plex
  3. and Sandra gets Larry’s plex
  4. so that the main character receives Sandra’s plex
  5. and Aaron gets the main character’s plex

The old lady

  1. wears sports clothes
  2. is going to a holy place as a pilgrim
  3. wears a long dress
  4. has shaved her head
  5. has many curls


Changing the plex can be done

  1. sometimes for fun
  2. not at all, because plex come in different sizes
  3. not at all, because all have different interests
  4. always, in order to discover everybody’s secrets
  5. never, because they are adapted to the person

Changing cameras

  1. can give you new travel destinations
  2. creates different opinions
  3. is impossible if you have a special camera
  4. is possible, despite different systems
  5. could be a crazy idea

The friends think that the reality of others

  1. is not the same as their own
  2. can be the truth for one, but not for another
  3. is true for everyone
  4. could be different for other peoples’ reality
  5. must be accepted by all


The friends have

  1. too big apartments
  2. too small apartments
  3. different furniture in their homes
  4. clean and organised apartments
  5. chaos and paint stains at home

Larry’s students

  1. like pictures from the Sahara
  2. receive different tasks in chemistry
  3. think their teacher’s plex is fun
  4. have not done their homework
  5. receive Sandra’s information through Larry’s plex

The shops in the street

  1. give new ideas
  2. prosper
  3. make a lot of money for you
  4. can save money
  5. want profits


Who writes poems?

  1. The main character
  2. Sandra
  3. Aaron
  4. Larry
  5. You

The house must be renovated and

  1. the facade will be renewed
  2. the balconies are modernised
  3. the stairs are painted
  4. the doors will have new colours
  5. the windows will have thicker glass

A meeting room

  1. is planned beside the main building
  2. should be placed in the cellar
  3. will be painted as a garden
  4. is going to be decorated as an aquarium
  5. must be used every day


A meteorite

  1. will soon crash onto the Earth
  2. has already fallen down in America
  3. missed the Earth with a thousand kilometres
  4. burned up in the atmosphere
  5. was actually fake news

The cars

  1. are interesting for Aaron and Sandra
  2. all carry brands the main character knows
  3. let out exhaust fumes
  4. and buses are ecological
  5. are faster than bicycles and more friendly to the environment

The music the main character listens to

  1. is jazz everybody likes
  2. thunders in the ears
  3. is so silent that one can hear the traffic
  4. comes from the radio
  5. is played by an orchestra


Aaron can

  1. not translate without his plex dictionary
  2. takes a week of vacation
  3. pull the blanket over his head
  4. bake a chocolate cake
  5. prepare tasty food

Larry has

  1. learnt all about clothes and costumes
  2. arranged parties before
  3. chosen flowers for his wedding
  4. combined decorations and programmes
  5. decided he wants to marry

Sandra knows

  1. everything about plastic nowadays
  2. how little plastic litters
  3. how much people collect plastic in nature
  4. how she can avoid using plastic
  5. that plastic does not break down in nature


Aaron sees a

  1. pink elephant
  2. green deer
  3. violet crocodile
  4. yellow hippopotamus
  5. white lemur

The lady with the poodle

  1. listens to classical music
  2. bicycles to the shop
  3. loves rock music
  4. walks in the park
  5. drives a motorcycle to the shop
  6. mostly sits at home drinking coffee

People often have prejudices about

  1. foreigners
  2. their neighbours
  3. foreign languages
  4. other people’s clothes
  5. the behaviour of other people
  6. age



  1. likes to mix things up
  2. wonders what his mother will say
  3. wants to learn to cook
  4. wishes to learn new things
  5. plans to collect food recipes
  6. is going to shop things for Sandra’s kitchen

Sandra thinks we should not

  1. criticise the way people look
  2. criticise the personality of others
  3. think differently from others
  4. say something about the morals of others
  5. feel easily insulted

Aaron’s solution to the plex problem

  1. is to change plex
  2. decides who is in charge
  3. is to wait until the system functions again
  4. takes all aspects into account
  5. is unique


To take off the plex means that

  1. the world looks different
  2. the friends see each other as they are
  3. they have a complicated challenge
  4. everybody gets trouble at work
  5. the reality can be very scary

Without plex one can

  1. have less prejudices
  2. talk more openly
  3. remove previous opinions
  4. get more chances to listen to others
  5. understand each other better

The main character

  1. prefers not to take off the plex
  2. wants to see the world from another point of view
  3. wishes to see the friends in a different way
  4. must be able to paint
  5. will take off the plex