Fix the focus

Easy Read book about the future, friendship and how artificial intelligence changes our view of the world. We all live with our invisible eyeglasses, which define how we see the world.

In the future there are visible glasses, plex, which combine several functions and both supports and hinders the understanding of the world around us and other people.

The plex of four friends start exchanging information after lightning has struck.

Frightening and crazy situations appear when their views and secrets are discovered. Every day brings new surprises, but the friends get to know each other in a new way and discover their own limitations – and new possibilities.

A book with humour and understanding, which broadens horizons for all age groups. It can be used as a basis for discussion in groups about tolerance, friendship and being different.

The book is a Pedagogical Easy Read and can be used in school and at home for learning and activities about artificial intelligence, technology and our future.

Place: A restaurant and a building in a city in the future

Group: All age groups

Discussion: What kind of prejudices and opinions do you have?

How is your view of the world influenced by your phone and computer?

How do you use your phone and computer to find information?

Do you know anybody, who has had similar situations like the main characters in the story?

How do you react to prejudices by other people?

What should you do, when you see that someone has a limited view or attitude?

Do the main characters in the book make the right decisions in the beginning and end of the book?

What would you do in their situation?

What kind of thoughts does the book give you?

Tasks: Write a story about one of the pictures in the book.

Write a story about one of your strong opinions about some topic.