Catch the eye – reading comprehension

The Centre

Calls to the Centre are about

  1. lost animals
  2. social issues and money
  3. how to grow trees for houses
  4. applying for courses
  5. anything one can think of

Service in the Centre is provided

  1. any time, day and night
  2. Monday to Friday
  3. during weekends
  4. after lunch
  5. after coffee break

The voice answering is

  1. female
  2. male
  3. a robot
  4. a child
  5. a computer


The alarm is sent by

  1. a bank
  2. a hospital
  3. the airport
  4. Hector
  5. politicians

The bank is being robbed by

  1. a young man
  2. a known person
  3. an unknown person
  4. a gang of bandits
  5. masked robbers
  6. a woman

The Centre quickly finds out

  1. the name of the robber
  2. a car waiting outside the bank
  3. police information about the area
  4. that the robber has helpers
  5. that the robber carries a toy


The lift

  1. is old and does not function
  2. stops between floors
  3. stops at the first floor
  4. creates panic when it stops
  5. is new and functions perfectly

The people in the lift

  1. feel closed in, but not stressed
  2. do not know what has happened
  3. do not understand that they talk to the Centre
  4. ask where the exit is
  5. want to get out

The Centre knows

  1. why the girl is in pain
  2. that the boy’s father is angry
  3. that the boy should be at school now
  4. who has been fined
  5. that the tall man has just been to the doctor


The airplane crashed into

  1. another airplane in the air
  2. a huge bird
  3. a drone
  4. many drones
  5. a big flock of birds

The weather report

  1. tells about rain and sun and a rainbow
  2. explains where a thunderstorm is
  3. informs about earthquakes
  4. shows tomorrow’s weather
  5. explains that a storm is on its way

The Centre knows about

  1. ships leaking oil
  2. earthquakes in Africa
  3. what happens everywhere in the world
  4. disappeared aircrafts
  5. tourists who have been bitten by bears



  1. concerns all people
  2. is about social issues
  3. must be discussed in groups
  4. concerns work and jobs
  5. is created by secret groups

Rhea is a politician

  1. and she works with the system
  2. and she is against the Centre
  3. who thinks she knows everything
  4. who is reliable
  5. and has a sister who works against the Centre

A man who comes from Mexico

  1. wants to stay in Europe
  2. wishes to have an apartment in Basel
  3. has committed crimes in Panama
  4. is sent back immediately
  5. can enter the country without problems


The news today are about

  1. world economy
  2. future economy
  3. weather forecast
  4. fake news
  5. experts’ opinions

Latest discoveries are about

  1. butterflies and insects
  2. our galaxy
  3. turkeys hatching
  4. collisions between meteorites
  5. only fake news

A new symphony

  1. has been created by a robot
  2. is composed by a computer
  3. sounds like classical music
  4. is new and really good
  5. is on the top of all modern music lists


Iota plays for

  1. money
  2. system
  3. different kinds of chess
  4. competition between colleagues
  5. learning new things

Many games

  1. require concentration
  2. ask for a lot of memory
  3. develops strategies
  4. take a long time
  5. take a short time

Some games

  1. develop combinations
  2. challenge the participants
  3. are only for equally strong players
  4. are similar to other games
  5. can be combined just as one wishes


Rhea pretends to be

  1. at the Mayor’s meeting
  2. seeing the secret group
  3. at the airport
  4. on her way to the city centre
  5. in a café

The teenager who calls

  1. thinks nobody understands him
  2. knows that everybody is better than he is
  3. wants to impress the girls
  4. does not know what he wants
  5. wishes for real friends

Rhea is in a car

  1. in the rush hour, going to the airport
  2. on her way to the secret meeting
  3. in the city centre
  4. on her way to Iota
  5. and can get nowhere


Bad weather means

  1. rain and wind
  2. storm and snow
  3. hard winds on the sea
  4. ships sinking
  5. roofs flying away

On the motorway the traffic is hindered by

  1. a tree, which has fallen down
  2. a house
  3. an elephant
  4. a lorry
  5. crocodiles

On the motorway flows

  1. black oil
  2. white liquid
  3. poisonous substances
  4. not dangerous substances
  5. water


The centre can

  1. speak all languages in the world
  2. speak some of the languages in the world
  3. understand all tourists
  4. guide to the city hall
  5. tell where the phone of a tourist is

Tourists have

  1. disappeared in Siberia
  2. been skiing in the Alps
  3. been walking in the Balkan Mountains
  4. met bears
  5. forgotten to call the family

An unknown people

  1. has been found in Peru
  2. exists in the Amazonas
  3. speak a known language
  4. has no contact with the world outside
  5. can be studied closely


It is important to

  1. know what to eat
  2. how to live
  3. breathe correctly
  4. take medicines
  5. listen to the doctor

A doctor calls

  1. about laboratory results
  2. to hear a diagnosis
  3. wanting to know about a patient’s blood pressure
  4. wishing for new X-rays
  5. to ask about the weather

The hospital

  1. takes care of illnesses
  2. help people to get better
  3. gives medicines
  4. gives advice about health
  5. lacks staff


Big sums of money have been sent to

  1. America
  2. Libya
  3. the Pacific Ocean through Egypt
  4. nowhere
  5. Mongolia and then to South Africa

The Department of Construction

  1. receives information about misuse
  2. knows that a parking lot has been built
  3. wonders where money has gone
  4. knows where the money is
  5. pays for the work a company has done

Applications about support come from

  1. pensioners
  2. factory workers
  3. computers
  4. people who do not want to work
  5. people who want to work
  6. too many people


Rhea calls and says that

  1. she is at the airport
  2. the runways at the airport must be closed
  3. tea with cake is tasty
  4. airplanes are hindered by the storm
  5. she likes tea with linden flowers

A man calls and says that

  1. the system has taken his job
  2. the Centre has made a mistake
  3. the Centre is right
  4. work was better previously
  5. he is coming to the Centre

Ron D2

  1. is an old robot, which will be discarded
  2. is a valuable diver
  3. has a problem with its machine
  4. previously collected litter in the oceans
  5. is started again by Sally


The storm

  1. stops the aircrafts
  2. does not touch the airport
  3. destroys the roads
  4. is weak and not dangerous
  5. carries away trees from the forests

The symphony is

  1. by a famous composer
  2. composed by a robot
  3. created by a computer
  4. classic music
  5. rock music

The exhibition contains

  1. many unique items
  2. valuable things for sale
  3. strange and unknown things
  4. old items
  5. all kinds of rubbish


All systems show that

  1. everything is fine
  2. the storm disturbs traffic
  3. the storm does not disturb traffic
  4. rain is pouring down
  5. the sun is shining and the sky is blue

The Centre

  1. suddenly shows old films
  2. is blocked by the secret group
  3. knows that the group has not entered the system
  4. and the group both try to control the system
  5. knows what is going on

The red button

  1. can only be used during crisis
  2. has tape over it
  3. closes down the Centre
  4. closes down the Ministry
  5. creates chaos on the Minister’s orders