The quest for Kraken – reading comprehension

Chapter 1

Max writes to Eric about

  1. satellites
  2. the rusty ship
  3. his boring school

Chapter 2

The ship

  1. weighs 300 kg
  2. has a strong engine
  3. tows other boats

Chapter 3

Max is seasick and

  1. he must stare at the horizon
  2. he should go out on deck
  3. he can’t stand on his feet

Chapter 4


  1. must do his tasks for school
  2. is going to study at university
  3. takes a photo of Kraken’s tentacles

Chapter 5

The fog is dense and

  1. Max sees nothing and is freezing
  2. Aunt is only working in the laboratory
  3. Max wants to go back to school

Chapter 6

Aunt wants to

  1. check if the fish have parasites
  2. know all about fogs and squid
  3. control that the machines function perfectly

Chapter 7

The divers collect

  1. corals and stones
  2. jellyfish and fish
  3. water samples from various depths

Chapter 8

The storm

  1. takes the ship northward
  2. plays with the ship like a toy
  3. brings the ship to Iceland

Chapter 9

Max sees

  1. many different birds
  2. a razorbill which looks like a penguin
  3. five kinds of squid

Chapter 10

The stream carries the ship

  1. away from Greenland
  2. into the tsunami
  3. back to Greenland

Chapter 11

Max wants to

  1. not eat fish every day
  2. eat fish balls
  3. eat jellyfish once a week

Chapter 12

Max likes to

  1. look at the turtle
  2. eat fish which have eaten plastics
  3. throw garbage into the sea

Chapter 13

Max wants to

  1. not touch the soup of the turtle
  2. arrive in Nassau
  3. swim in the sea with the sharks

Chapter 14


  1. slides on the wet deck and falls into the sea
  2. shouts and splashes to scare the sharks
  3. remembers the killer whales and gets scared

Chapter 15


  1. swims with the dolphins
  2. goes to see his aunt in hospital
  3. wants to dive in the coral reef

Chapter 16

The pirate

  1. is fishing with net and dynamite
  2. wants to have the right to fish alone here
  3. thinks the ship is in the wrong place

Chapter 17

The squid eat

  1. fish and other squid
  2. sperm-whales
  3. human beings

Chapter 18

The smaller giant squid

  1. is wounded and dies
  2. has lost one tentacle
  3. is blind on one eye