Philip and the snow

Philip and the snow tells about immigrants and how we treat foreigners. It reflects the polarised attitudes in society about exotic/antipathy in regard to refugees and shows an alternative possibility, to treat ”the others” as individuals.

Place: Philip’s school and home; Amir’s reality. ”Snow” is the cold climate in the society.

Group: From secondary school to adults

Discussion: Tell about a situation, when you met someone from another culture. What happened? How did you react?

How do you treat a person from another culture?

Why do you behave with the person in that way?

Why do the girls think Amir is exotic?

What are the real reasons for the boys’ dislike of Amir?

What does tolerance mean to you? How do you show that you are tolerant?

What thoughts did you experience from the story?

What would you do in Philip’s situation?

Tasks: Write a story about a picture in the book.

Write a story about how you feel as a foreigner in another culture.