Philip and the shadow – reading comprehension

Chapter 1

Greg wants

  1. a bike
  2. a moped
  3. a motorcycle
  4. to go camping
  5. to drive an electrical bike

Philip gets low grades because

  1. he does not do his homework
  2. playing at the computer is more fun
  3. he is lazy
  4. homework is boring
  5. he only reads books sometimes

The future of the pupils depend on

  1. the grades they get right now at school
  2. if they do enough homework every day
  3. what they do in their free time
  4. how they study
  5. the opinions of their parents

Chapter 2

The app

  1. motivates Philip to study
  2. asks Isaac to explain what he is reading
  3. advises the users to ask each other questions
  4. explains the homework
  5. does not give any good results

The app can

  1. teach the user to remember more
  2. ask the users to discuss in a group
  3. require the pupils to do their homework
  4. adapt to the time of the user
  5. take up too much space in the phone


  1. uses the app immediately
  2. does not use the app
  3. notices the difference among those who use the app
  4. convinces Greg to use the app
  5. forgets about the app

Chapter 3

The study app has several levels because

  1. everybody should study at their level
  2. beginners must manage
  3. fast readers can move on more quickly
  4. you can get points
  5. the group should cooperate

One gets awards

  1. after good results
  2. for different kinds of moods
  3. as a bicycle
  4. as a car
  5. as points you can buy things for

The app

  1. asks the user to read quietly
  2. tells you to underline difficult words
  3. checks difficult words
  4. asks questions
  5. takes notes

Chapter 4

After school

  1. the app asks how the day has been
  2. suggests creating a geographical map
  3. shows all future exams
  4. wants Philip to have less light
  5. wishes to make Philip happy

What should Philip think about?

  1. Sitting comfortably
  2. Light
  3. Warm room
  4. Cold room
  5. Right time to study

The app gives points when

  1. one succeeds
  2. someone reaches a goal
  3. the group reaches its goal
  4. one does something
  5. one says encouraging words

Chapter 5


  1. has put on weight
  2. lost weight
  3. is eating only salad every day
  4. sleeps enough
  5. goes out biking with Philip

Sage wants Philip to

  1. study all the time
  2. tell how he feels
  3. take a photo of himself
  4. measure his fever
  5. stop coughing

Philip walks home and

  1. feels encouraged to study
  2. does not feel he wants to study
  3. goes to bed
  4. starts coughing and having a fever
  5. Mum wakes him up in the middle of the night

Chapter 6

Mimi says that

  1. two months is a long time
  2. she will stop using the app
  3. she is going to study with Annie and Tina
  4. she has learned the methods of Sage
  5. the app takes part of her own time


  1. will continue using the app
  2. knows that Greg gets more point than he does
  3. feels he is working hard
  4. reads everything but his schoolbooks
  5. does not want to study at university

The app Sage

  1. collects information about users
  2. uses data in a way the user knows
  3. knows everything about Philip’s interests
  4. gives advice about sports
  5. can be a real friend

Chapter 7


  1. is always busy
  2. has time to study with Philip
  3. bicycles in nature
  4. is often outside with Philip
  5. plays on the phone or his computer


  1. asks what Philip wants to play
  2. uses foul language (bad words)
  3. controls Philip’s phone
  4. says that people control the app
  5. is controlled by Philip


  1. often bleeds from the nose
  2. faints
  3. is ill with a flu
  4. wants to meet Philip
  5. calls Philip

Chapter 8


  1. is worried about Greg at the hospital
  2. gets angry with himself
  3. says everything is Dad’s fault
  4. works hard, but Greg is lazy
  5. should be doing his homework

A robot

  1. is nice and friendly
  2. has long, beautiful hair
  3. speaks with an even and polite voice
  4. has feelings
  5. understands you better than any human

All talks

  1. with a robot are recorded
  2. are saved by robots on the Internet
  3. cannot be used later
  4. should not be spread, because they are secret
  5. can be used without permission
  6. are listened to by other people

Chapter 9

At the hospital

  1. Greg says he is ill
  2. the doctor says Greg is ill
  3. Greg is exhausted and wants to go home
  4. Greg gains weight
  5. Greg says he is a failure

Psychologist Vera

  1. is very nice at the beginning
  2. requires better study results
  3. wants Greg to work more with Philip
  4. starts manipulating after some time
  5. tries to make Greg think for himself

The app Sage wants

  1. Philip to write an essay
  2. make Philip happy again
  3. Philip to study and not to party
  4. to control Philip’s thoughts and taste
  5. organise Philip’s life and check when he goes to the toilet

Chapter 10

Philip’s class

  1. wants to close the app
  2. do not want to go to hospital
  3. wishes for good results and to win the competition
  4. says Greg is right
  5. are stressed by Philip and Greg

When Greg goes home

  1. Philip and he are going to go out biking
  2. they will shut down the app together
  3. the friends will meet more seldom
  4. Greg wants to go to a restaurant with Philip
  5. the app does not know anymore when he takes a shower

Philip says that

  1. he has learned to study better
  2. he has become less efficient, because the app takes so much time
  3. he has more endurance now
  4. he is going to decide about his own life
  5. he has to train more to become better at studying