Philip and the net – reading comprehension

Philip recognises the girl in the picture. It is his classmate Annie. He thinks the photo is

  1. false
  2. a joke
  3. a mistake
  4. bullying

Why does Philip defend Annie?

  1. The boys’ comments are improper
  2. Philip likes Annie
  3. Philip makes Annie cry
  4. Greg is not there to defend Annie

Why does Philip believe that Annie sent the photo?

  1. Annie wants to impress her friends in London
  2. Annie is crazy
  3. Annie often loses her mobile phone
  4. Annie often takes selfies

Annie is abused by the boys. The girls don’t talk to her. Who stands up for Annie and points out about illegal filming?

  1. Greg
  2. Philip
  3. Mimi
  4. Tina

Annie is afraid that she has lost her friends in London. Why is Philip afraid of losing Greg’s friendship?

  1. Annie’s well-being seems more important for Greg than Philip’s friendship
  2. Greg uses a false name on the web
  3. Philip uses a false name on the web
  4. Greg defends Annie against the attacks

What makes Philip try to find out who wrote the false messages?

  1. Mimi’s defence on the Internet
  2. Tina’s ugly accusations on the Internet
  3. Greg’s disappointment over Philip’s negative attitude
  4. The persecution which targets Annie

Annie is sad and angry. Why can’t she shut off the mobile phone?

  1. She can’t contact her friends any more
  2. She will not hear when her Mum calls
  3. She wants to take care of it all herself and to be alone
  4. All alternatives above

Why does Philip think that Fred is not the main bully?

  1. Fred makes too many writing errors
  2. Fred likes to talk
  3. Fred is too nice
  4. Fred does not like computers

What does Fred say in a mean way? He says that

  1. Philip’s Mum stinks
  2. Greg is going with Annie
  3. Philip is going with Annie
  4. Philip is dangerous

Annie finally asks for help, but from whom?

  1. Philip
  2. Greg
  3. Philip’s Mum
  4. Philip and Greg

Annie’s computer is full of ugly messages. With whom do they talk to clear up the situation?

  1. The police
  2. The rector
  3. Annie’s parents
  4. Philip’s Mum

Who was guilty for the mean ”joke”?

  1. Philip and Greg
  2. Mimi and Tina
  3. Annie and Fred
  4. John and Thomas