Philip and the net

Philip and the net is a highly important topic about bullying on the Internet. The use of Internet, fake news, increased understanding about one’s own behaviour on the Internet and the need to analyse what the web offers every day are topics considered throughout the book.

The book is recommended for all. It concentrates on how different persons react in a bullying situation.

Place: The story takes place in Philip’s school and home and in the virtual world, which seems threatening in the difficult situation, but the effect of which can be reduced though certain choices. ”The net” is the virtual world and its challenges.

Group: From secondary school to adults

Discussion: Who is bullying (mobbing) on the web? Why?

How does Internet bullying differ from direct physical or verbal bullying?

How do you know what is fake/true news and messages?

How can you protect yourself from Internet bullying?

How should you behave on the web? Tell about something that happened to you.

What kind of thoughts did you get from the story?

What would you do in Philip’s situation?

Tasks: Write a story about one of the pictures in the book.

Write a story about how someone has managed to stop Internet bullying.