Philip and the fog – reading comprehension

Philip is aware of his surroundings and notices things that happen around him. He can see that Grandma has changed after Grandpa’s death.

  1. She dresses carelessly
  2. She calls many times to tell the same thing
  3. She forgets her jewellery even when she is going to a party
  4. All alternatives above

Philip is invited to tea by Grandma. But a small accident occurs.

  1. Grandma mixes in too much honey
  2. Grandma burns a casserole
  3. Grandma faints
  4. Grandma drops the teapot on the floor

Philip is accused of stealing money from Grandma.

  1. Mum believes in Philip
  2. Dad trusts Philip
  3. Uncle Alfred trusts Philip
  4. Aunt Kate trusts Philip

Grandma has disappeared. Philip is looking for her. In the shop he hears that:

  1. She has bought ice-cream
  2. She has gone home
  3. She was seen walking towards the city centre
  4. She was seen taking the bus

The search of Grandma is difficult because of:

  1. Fog and twilight
  2. Rain
  3. Storm
  4. Thunder and rain pouring down

Philip finds Grandma:

  1. In the shop
  2. By her old home
  3. At the bus stop
  4. In Philip’s home

Aunt Kate demands a lot of others, but will not participate herself. She wants that:

  1. Grandma’s home should be cleaned
  2. Grandma is taken to a medical doctor
  3. Uncle Alfred takes care of Grandma
  4. Grandma should take here medicines

Uncle Alfred suggests that Grandma:

  1. Should be moved to a nursing home
  2. Moves back to her old home
  3. Moves in with Philip’s family
  4. Moves in with Uncle Alfred

Grandma’s health becomes worse, despite all Philip’s family efforts.

  1. Grandma believes someone wants to hurt her
  2. Grandma is just watching TV
  3. Grandma has no strength to cook a meal any more
  4. Grandma forgets sometimes who Philip is
  5. All alternatives above

Philip can’t cope with school because of Grandma’s situation.

  1. Philip does not like school
  2. Philip does not sleep enough
  3. Philip can’t concentrate
  4. Philip talks only with Greg during lessons
  5. Philip has no time to do his homework
  6. Philip can’t study for exams

Philip finds Grandma on the floor, unconscious.

  1. He calls the ambulance
  2. He talks with Dad
  3. He sends a SMS to Mum
  4. He calls Uncle Alfred

Grandma is moved to a nursing home.

  1. Uncle Alfred is satisfied
  2. Aunt Kate is satisfied
  3. The doctor is satisfied
  4. Philip is satisfied