Philip and the fog

Philip and the fog is about how dementia progresses and how the person (Philip’s grandmother) and the surroundings (the family) reacts to the changed situation.

At the same time the book is about the sadness and disappointment to see a healthy, strong relative become a hospital patient.

Place: Philip’s school and home, grandmother’s home and the city where Philip lives.

The Fog” is the illness, the unknown, the diffuse world into which Philip’s grandmother disappears.

Group: From secondary school to adults

Discussion: What happens really to Philip’s grandmother?

What are the reasons Philip’s mother and aunt have for not wanting and not being able to understand what is happening?

Do you know someone suffering from dementia or have you met someone with a memory failure? Tell what happened.

What should you do, when you notice that somebody starts to forget?

What is dementia? Where is the borderline to normal forgetfulness?

Did Philip’s uncle and mother make the right decision? Why (not)?

What would you do in Philip’s situation?

Which thoughts did the story awaken in you?

Tasks: Write a story about one of the pictures in the book.

Write a story what kind of person you are or wish to be after thirty or fifty years.