Hugo’s history – reading comprehension

Chapter 1

Hugo’s ancestor

  1. kept track of the weather every day
  2. was scared of the Ice Age
  3. held on to the traditions

The family has

  1. a tradition of stories
  2. seen ploughs of bronze and iron
  3. been flooded one spring

Chapter 2

Hull travels to Rome

  1. to see a volcano erupt
  2. to fall ill in the heat
  3. to tell those at home about the volcano

The volcano

  1. spurted out ashes and lava
  2. made the smoke cover the sun
  3. created poisonous gases which can kill

Chapter 3

The Vikings journeyed

  1. eastwards for trade
  2. and burnt down forest because they needed firewood
  3. bathed in warm springs

Hulda wanted to go to

  1. a new and exciting island
  2. beautiful nature
  3. a calm and warm climate

Chapter 4

The climate

  1. affects health and life
  2. contains both dry and rainy periods
  3. is made up of the weather during a long time

Black Death

  1. came during the Middle Ages
  2. arrived with a ship full of rats
  3. brought starvation and death

Chapter 5

Little Ice Age

  1. meant freezing weather and nothing grew
  2. forced people to wear furs
  3. changed food habits and lifestyles

Hubert returned

  1. with news of warmth and food
  2. with potatoes and vegetables
  3. to skate on the sea

Chapter 6


  1. built factories and towns of wood
  2. cut down forests for firewood
  3. caused flooding through dams


  1. happened without anybody noticing
  2. took a long time
  3. killed plants and animals

Chapter 7

The cities

  1. have comfortable houses
  2. use beneficial technology
  3. contain poisonous air

The world’s resources

  1. are quickly used up
  2. tolerate much more than we think
  3. increase with technology

Chapter 8


  1. destroys houses and forests
  2. kills people and animals
  3. pollutes the air


  1. causes shortage of food and housing
  2. creates a shortage of raw materials
  3. makes people afraid

Chapter 9

The neighbour has bought a spray bottle, because he wants to

  1. kill insects
  2. get a clean house
  3. let the children play with it

When the insects die

  1. plants and fruit trees cannot be pollinated
  2. there is no food for the birds
  3. there are no mosquitoes to bite you in summer

Chapter 10

We can change our lives

  1. by thinking about the consequences
  2. when the changes are big
  3. by avoiding plastic bags

If we want, we can

  1. give up our lifestyle
  2. avoid plastic and poisons
  3. eat healthier food