Follow the bird – reading comprehension

Chapter 1

The building has

  1. glimmering beams of metal
  2. wrinkled carpets and curtains
  3. no lamps

Mia goes to her father, who

  1. asks for the car key
  2. knows that the circus director is here
  3. asks if she has eaten her lunch

Chapter 2

Mia looks for the keys

  1. in the reception at the entrance
  2. in the grey room with screens
  3. in her pockets

Mia does not remember

  1. where she has put the keys to the electrical boxes
  2. if she gave them to Axel
  3. if she has eaten breakfast

Chapter 3

Mia takes the lift to

  1. the car parking
  2. the entrance
  3. the porter

Axel is

  1. the best cleaner in the hotel
  2. the person who takes care of everything
  3. the person who shows the guests their rooms

Chapter 4

The cockatoos

  1. cry out to Mia
  2. are cared for by Axel
  3. fly freely around the hotel

The professor

  1. wants to have a signed Rock-shirt
  2. is searching for an important folder
  3. does not remember the number of his room

Chapter 5

Mia searches with the professor

  1. inside the locked chest
  2. in the fridge
  3. under the sofa

In the room beside the professor’s

  1. Axel is cleaning up after a party
  2. the window is sticky from sugar
  3. the fire alarm is ringing

Chapter 6

Mia thinks that

  1. Axel wrinkles the carpets
  2. the birds are hungry
  3. the restaurant needs help

Mia sees

  1. the ironed table clothes in the restaurant
  2. that the kitchen sends breakfast to some rooms
  3. that the cock serves soup

Chapter 7

Mia is helping out. She

  1. pushes the serving cart with bowls
  2. serves food to the politicians
  3. thinks politics is interesting

Mia rushes off

  1. to a room where a crisis is going on
  2. to avoid a scandal
  3. to repair the broken shoe

Chapter 8

Mia brings

  1. towels to the storage room
  2. tools to the young people in the sports hall
  3. scissors to the hairdresser

Mia is

  1. invited to a performance
  2. a member of a circus school
  3. happy and accepts the invitation

Chapter 9

Mia understands that

  1. Axel is joking about a princess
  2. she has difficulties with the alphabet
  3. the man does not know her language

The man wants to

  1. have an appointment
  2. not have surgery
  3. not meet a medical doctor

Chapter 10

The cockatoo

  1. pushed the bottle with peroxide
  2. wanted to bleach its feathers
  3. dislikes brown bottles

The professor

  1. asks for his budgerigar
  2. believes his budgerigar is afraid of cockatoos
  3. wants Mia to clean the cage of his bird

Chapter 11

Mia is

  1. looking for a cockatoo
  2. listening to Rock singing
  3. found Mick hanging in a lamp

Chapter 12

Mia catches Mick

  1. by calling his name
  2. with sweets
  3. by whistling for it

The cockatoos

  1. bit the bolls to pieces in the sports hall
  2. wrinkled the curtains
  3. gave Mia no trouble at all