Follow the bird

Follow the bird tells about the nerve system. The visible level is Mia’s everyday life at a hotel and her daily tasks. The brain and all parts of the body, which are connected to the nerves and impulses, are present in the story and their role in the bodily functions are described in the end.

At the same time the book describes the behaviour of birds and humans, the development of the ability to analyse and observe, and the role of intuition in everyday life. The book encourages to see both larger connections and smaller details, which are important for making the right decisions.

Place: The story occurs in two levels, the hotel where Mia’s parents work and Mina’s school and home, where she experiences her day.

Group: From secondary school to adults

Discussion: Compare the key at the end to the story. Discuss how the nerve system and the brain function.

Why do we have pain in the body?

What happens at a concussion?

What do the brain and the nerve system need to function normally?

Tell about a hotel where you have stayed. Describe how it works.

Why do the birds act strangely?

What do you do when you are nervous, afraid or uneasy?

How do you experience feelings?

What do you do with strong feelings?

Which thoughts does the story awaken in you?

What would you do in Mia’s situation?

Tasks: Write a story about one of the pictures in the book.
Write a story about a hotel and a mystery happening here.

Describe your day today and how your nerve system and brain have helped you function.