Fly in the wind – reading comprehension

Chapter 1

Emil says a few words about

  1. the weather on the radio
  2. walking in town
  3. the statues in the park
  4. expecting rain soon
  5. waiting for a thunderstorm

The main character

  1. works at the TV channel about weather
  2. gathers information about everything
  3. works for two people
  4. takes care of Emil’s and the own work
  5. updates the website

The earthquake

  1. shakes the whole town
  2. shuts down all lamps
  3. makes chairs fall down
  4. breaks the camera
  5. stops the sending of the programme

Chapter 2

The volcano

  1. has a small eruption
  2. spits out burning lava
  3. rains ashes
  4. steams
  5. throws out gases

The air

  1. is fresh in the studio
  2. is bad in the park
  3. is full of pollution from volcanoes
  4. contains oxygen
  5. can be cooled down


  1. does not want to chase thieves
  2. wants immediately to go to the volcano
  3. wishes to leave
  4. wants to see wildfires
  5. wishes to visit the nuclear plant

Chapter 3


  1. is a skilful driver
  2. prefers to drive during competitions
  3. does not pay attention to Emil
  4. wonders how dangerous a fire is
  5. has weak nerves


  1. is scared of smoke
  2. wants to know if nuclear power is dangerous
  3. knows that the exhaust from the car is dangerous
  4. is aware that pollution is collected in the body
  5. feels that the temperature is sinking


  1. is poisonous gases
  2. can cause illness and death
  3. exists only in the air
  4. kills plants
  5. come from waste water canals

Chapter 4

The electrical plant

  1. uses wood
  2. produces electricity
  3. uses petrol
  4. causes pollution
  5. has a good filter which makes the air clean around it


  1. talks about TV series
  2. tells that the weather will change
  3. is hit by a stone in the face
  4. tries to get information about everything
  5. wants to ask the workers what has happened inside the power plant

The smoke

  1. is greenish
  2. is black
  3. is white
  4. irritates the lungs
  5. comes from burning petrol

Chapter 5

The stone

  1. flies over their car
  2. drops into the street
  3. explodes in the air
  4. makes people run away
  5. does no damage at all

The drone

  1. takes pictures from the air
  2. sees fire in the courtyard
  3. flies around the power plant
  4. observes workers putting out the fire
  5. notices black smoke

The cars are queuing

  1. going into town
  2. going out of town
  3. and Emil is interviewing people
  4. to flee from the volcano eruption
  5. because everybody is leaving town

Chapter 6

Emil has

  1. fainted from the heat
  2. filmed the volcano
  3. talked about gases
  4. said many bad words
  5. crushed a window

A fire

  1. has begun in a shop
  2. is in a fridge
  3. makes a sweet smell in the environment
  4. started because of a short circuit
  5. burns on plastic

To extinguish

  1. a fire in electric appliances, use a carpet
  2. a fire in the grass, use water
  3. a smoking TV, use a fire blanket
  4. a burning washing machine, pull the cable
  5. a burning stove, cut off the power

Chapter 7

The main character

  1. puts a fire blanket on the fridge
  2. sees that the fire is immediately put out
  3. is filmed by Emil
  4. sees Emil’s brown trousers
  5. gets ashes on the shoes


  1. hears someone move inside
  2. sees someone in the shop
  3. wants to save everybody around him
  4. puts a towel before his nose
  5. is very courageous

The main character

  1. shuts off the grill
  2. tells about poisonous gases
  3. sees Emil open a cage
  4. hears Edda filming
  5. hears Emil say hamster

Chapter 8


  1. drives into the city centre
  2. films with the drone
  3. does not see the thunder cloud
  4. says that Emil should talk
  5. wonders which streets are open


  1. is standing in the centre of the city
  2. knows something about the disappeared statue
  3. sees the empty stone basis for the statue
  4. wonders who has stolen the statue
  5. tells about the thunderstorm

The thunderstorm

  1. is thundering and flashing
  2. causes a lot of rain
  3. scares Edda
  4. creates ozone
  5. provides ozone protection against the sun’s rays

Chapter 9

The rain

  1. drops on the seats in the car
  2. creates big puddles
  3. fills the streets
  4. extinguishes the fire

At the farm

  1. there is serious flooding
  2. there is no asphalt
  3. they have lots of cows and sheep
  4. the fish are dying
  5. they have cats and dogs

The roof

  1. is destroyed by acid rains
  2. is damaged by birds
  3. is old
  4. has holes
  5. is damaged by air pollution

Chapter 10

Methane is

  1. used by the industry
  2. is not used in cars
  3. is produced by cows
  4. is not poisonous
  5. explodes very seldom

The stolen statue

  1. has been returned to its place
  2. is broken in pieces on the earth
  3. lies in a ditch
  4. has a damaged face
  5. is made of aluminium


  1. occurs around cities
  2. gather around industries
  3. is in the air
  4. floats on the oceans
  5. rains into the soil

Chapter 11

The city

  1. must be emptied of people
  2. needs rain for the fires
  3. will be covered in lava
  4. is being bombarded by stones
  5. is full of smoke

The car tyre

  1. was old and broken
  2. exploded because they hit a nail
  3. did not stand the weight of the statue
  4. had to be replaced
  5. must be pumped again

Our brains

  1. see many colours
  2. remember smells for a long time
  3. analyses slowly impressions
  4. can cheat us
  5. have a good memory

Chapter 12

Edda wants to

  1. go home
  2. leave the statue at the square
  3. wash the car
  4. repair the tyre
  5. film the guinea-pig

The boss

  1. calls all the time
  2. does not come to the square
  3. organises the lifting of the statue
  4. says that the lava has changed direction
  5. claims that the ashes are less now

In the evening they celebrate

  1. with a nice dinner
  2. the statue and the city
  3. that the volcano has calmed down
  4. the guinea-pig which found the statue
  5. Emil as a hero