Find in the earth – reading comprehension

Chapter 1

What have the archaeologists found?

  1. A village
  2. A dump
  3. A big city
  4. A machine
  5. A football

Digital money and passports are gone, because

  1. there is no electricity any more
  2. a solar storm destroyed the memory of computers
  3. the became old-fashioned and insecure
  4. nobody was interested in them any more
  5. they were not needed

The solar storm

  1. destroyed all machines
  2. killed half the world’s population
  3. made everyone starve
  4. turned everybody into robbers
  5. did not destroy paper books

Chapter 2

The diary

  1. contains mould
  2. tells how people lived previously
  3. explains how you use a hair-dryer
  4. shows what food people ate previously
  5. shows where the city was


  1. people buried all their garbage
  2. people used metal machines
  3. people produced things of plastic
  4. the earth was cultivated
  5. people used social media

On the Internet was

  1. all data about everybody
  2. information about books
  3. maps of all the countries
  4. business letters and contracts
  5. love letters

The archaeologists

  1. are looking for plastics
  2. hope to find working machines
  3. search for valuable metals
  4. must not cut down trees
  5. are scared of illnesses

Chapter 3


  1. people bought and threw away things
  2. they had a lot of furniture and electronics
  3. they used very little electricity
  4. the children had many clothes
  5. nobody knew about bacteria

Today we

  1. own few things
  2. know all about previous people
  3. are afraid of pollution
  4. grow a lot of vegetables
  5. keep few domestic animals

The archaelogists

  1. dig out toys for children
  2. find petrol and gas
  3. collect plastic things
  4. bring metals to the boss
  5. get viruses and fall ill

Chapter 4

Metals can be found in

  1. mines
  2. cables for machines
  3. plastic machines
  4. coins which are hidden in the soil
  5. in rubbish dumps

An archaeologist can get

  1. silver poisoning
  2. allergic reactions against nickel
  3. irritation on the skin from copper
  4. bacteria on the hands
  5. deadly diseases

The solar storm

  1. killed many species
  2. destroyed any cultivated fields
  3. sent people back to the Stone Age
  4. put ships and planes off their course
  5. knocked out computers and other machines

Chapter 5

The archaeologists are happy when they

  1. find a tin with meat
  2. find Christmas decorations
  3. discover a painting
  4. get a lot of unknown things
  5. get an award for good work

They don’t know what

  1. art means
  2. colourful balls and bands mean
  3. and thought it was valuable
  4. a tree was used for in homes
  5. a tree with a star on top means
  6. people ate for celebrations previously

They wonder what

  1. turkey is
  2. carrot pudding is
  3. bacon is
  4. lots of food meant and why people ate so much
  5. is needed for celebrations

Chapter 6

Axel finds

  1. a heavy box
  2. a black box with cables
  3. a big box with buttons
  4. a bottle full of liquid
  5. a battery

A thermometer

  1. contains alcohol
  2. is digital
  3. contains mercury
  4. measures heat and cold
  5. is a glass tube

Axel finds

  1. a box with green strings
  2. a box with strings that can be rolled
  3. a music box
  4. a plastic box with coins
  5. a box made of metal

The main character discovers

  1. a machine with letters
  2. a box with buttons
  3. a terrible black mask
  4. a box with typing keys
  5. a calculator

Chapter 7

The thing the main character finds

  1. is a calendar
  2. squeaks when you push a number
  3. stops beeping and is quiet
  4. works perfectly
  5. shows the time

The small book is

  1. written in English
  2. about snakes
  3. with codes
  4. an advertisement for a plumber
  5. about how to tie your shoe strings

Axel finds

  1. a doll without legs
  2. a long stick with a hairy end
  3. a toy, formed as a roll
  4. a hairbrush
  5. a toilet brush

Chapter 8

The archaeologists find

  1. a new book with codes
  2. a bicycle
  3. a kick-board
  4. a scooter
  5. a book with maps

In the plastic bottles are

  1. yellow lemonade
  2. green paint
  3. red lemonade
  4. dish washing liquid
  5. shampoo

Acid rain

  1. contains nitrogen
  2. takes up carbon from the air
  3. contains pollution
  4. contains zinc
  5. kills plants and animals

Chapter 9

The fire extinguisher sprays

  1. white foam with lead and zinc
  2. poisonous chemicals into the air
  3. water which extinguishes the fire
  4. corroding substances
  5. small particles which suffocate the fire

The bicycle Axel found yesterday

  1. has disappeared
  2. has been carried of for repair
  3. is unlocked and cannot be used
  4. he has actually stolen
  5. is not valuable

The bag contains

  1. black soil with phosphates
  2. dry hay
  3. chemical fertilizers with nitrogen
  4. potatoes
  5. bark pieces

Chapter 10

The bottle contains

  1. insect repellents
  2. fertilizers
  3. perfume
  4. energy drink
  5. shampoo

They find a garage

  1. with stains of petrol
  2. with gas bottles
  3. with traces of paint and paintbrushes
  4. with a concrete wall
  5. with car parts

Axel manages to

  1. start the electricity plant
  2. start up the computer
  3. use an air blower
  4. use advanced technology
  5. start the car motor

Chapter 11

The person with the bag

  1. is clearly visible against the background
  2. walks in the shadows among the trees
  3. goes to hide stolen things in the earth
  4. wants money for the goods
  5. is being followed

The guard is

  1. immediately discovered
  2. not willing to confess
  3. telling that others bribed him
  4. acting with a network of robbers behind him
  5. getting food instead of payment

The things they find are

  1. a heavy meat mill
  2. a smoke detector with radioactive materials
  3. a battery for a car
  4. two pairs of sunglasses
  5. two bicycles

Chapter 12

They have found the house they were looking for

  1. with yellow walls
  2. with huge rooms
  3. where there is a computer
  4. with the help of an unused battery
  5. with many flowerbeds

The girl on the screen

  1. smiles and invites them to go in
  2. lives in a white house
  3. could be the relative of the main character
  4. shows how the machines work
  5. shows her room with dolls

The girl waves and

  1. shows an electric mixer
  2. laughs at the hair-dryer
  3. asks them to go into the kitchen
  4. shows the meat mill
  5. blows a kiss