Find in the earth

Find in the earth tells about archaeologists after a hundred years. They dig out things from the earth, which date back to our time. The visible level is the work of the archaeologists and their findings, plastic items, machines and poisonous substances.

The book shows possible consequences of a solar storm, which knocks out our digital and industrialised society.

At the end Axel and the main character understand how people lived in our times through a video they find. In the key different kinds of waste and pollution are explained, of the kinds we today let out into nature and which can be found in the soil.

There also the question is asked what we can do to reduce pollution.

Place: A town which has been forgotten for a hundred years

Group: From 12 years, but also younger is possible

Discussion: Compare the key with the story.

Discuss what the world could look like a hundred years after a solar storm, or what it could be without such a catastrophe.

How do humans influence pollution in nature and especially in the earth?

Where are we standing right now in terms of polluting nature and where are we heading?

What can you do in everyday life to reduce waste and garbage?

How ready are you to change your life in order to reduce your garbage and chemicals?

What kind of world do you want to live in? How possible is it that you will live in such a world?

What does the future look like? What kind of future do you want?

What kind of thoughts does the story give you?

What would you do in place of the main character?

Tasks: Write a story about one of the pictures in the book.

Answer the question at the end of the book: what can you do?

Describe a time in history during the past one hundred years and tell how pollution has influenced it.