Chased by wolves – reading comprehension

A Egon has lost his way in the pine forest. What is the name of his home place?

  1. Uptown
  2. Intown
  3. Undervillage
  4. Outcity

B Why did Egon have difficulties to climb the trunk in the river?

  1. The trunk was stuck on the shore
  2. The trunk rolled around in the water
  3. The trunk disappeared down the water fall
  4. The trunk was too slippery

C Why was Linus not afraid of the howling wolves?

  1. The wolves are not dangerous
  2. The wolves are vegans
  3. The wolves have never entered the cave
  4. The wolves belong to the party programme

D Who meets Egon on the shore?

  1. The wolves
  2. Linus
  3. Dolphins
  4. Guests on the way to the party

E Egon tries to get on a train in the mixed forest. Why does he not succeed?

  1. The conductor demands a ticket
  2. There is not enough place on the train
  3. He comes too late
  4. He has no seat

F Egon becomes afraid of the girls in the forest with broad leaves, as they change great tits to crystals. Why?

  1. Egon does not like great tits
  2. Egon thinks the girls laugh in a bad way at him
  3. Egon does not want to be changed into a yellow stone
  4. Egon can’t swim

G Egon meets Simon, who whistles for the insects to come. Which insects?

  1. Mosquitoes
  2. Dragonflies
  3. Spiders
  4. Centipedes

H Which insect was swallowed by the jungle flower?

  1. Mosquito
  2. Dragonfly
  3. Spider
  4. Centipede

I Egon steals a vehicle. Which one?

  1. Motorcycle
  2. Car
  3. Bicycle
  4. Canoe

J Egon is in the desert and feels thirsty. How does he try to get water?

  1. He digs in the sand for a well
  2. He licks damp stones
  3. He digs up roots of plants
  4. He breaks a piece of a cactus

K Ella is the girl who helps Egon. Which phenomenon in nature do they experience?

  1. Snow storm and volcano eruption
  2. Sand storm and volcano eruption
  3. Tsunami and volcano eruption
  4. Tornado and tsunami