First Easy to Read books in Tatar

Our books Miranda, Philip on the ship and Philip at the zoo have now been published in Tatar!

Bokpil actively promotes Easy to Read literature in language areas, where Easy language is yet unknown. These three titles are the first Easy to Read books published in Tatar in the world.

Tatar speakers, mainly children and youth, are the main target group, but also Tatar language learners can profit from the books.

Author Sabira Stahlberg’s books have been translated by Fazile Nasretdin, and a test reader group in Finland has read and commented on the texts before publishing.

The e-books can be downloaded for free on Villa Bokpil.

The translation project is supported by Tampereen tataariseurakunta (founded 1943), Finnish-Islamic Congregation (founded 1925) and Oskar Öflunds stiftelse.