First Easy Reads in Serbian

Easy Read books are now available also in Serbian! In the Balkans Easy Reads are still fairly unknown, but now the first Serbian books have been published. Earlier author Sabira Stahlberg’s book have been translated into Bulgarian.

The books have been published as paper books, and e-books will appear soon.

Bokpil, author Sabira Stahlberg, translator Dorijan Hajdu and the organisation Pomoć porodici have worked together on the publication of Hugo’s history, Philip in the tunnel, Philip on the ship, Philip and the net, Miranda and The heart of the cook. The books were presented in Belgrade in November 2019 during a visit by the author. FILI supported the translations and the visit.

Easy Read books support everyday language, reading and language learning. They are recommended especially for pupils and families with another home language than the school language, for instance as extra reading or parallel reading with the English or Swedish version.

All Bokpil books are pedagogical Easy Reads, in other words they support school curriculums.

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