Easy Reads and integration at Helsinki Book Fair 2018

At Helsinki Book Fair at the end of October 2018 our focus was on Easy Reads and integration.

Lecti Book Studio and Boklund stands presented an exhibition about Easy Reads and on the scene Sabira Ståhlberg and Maria Viitasalo presented their new books about the environment.

School pupils received a task about plastic and a question about environmental history and climate change.

Several discussions and interviews were about integration on the scene. Alexandr Foy, president of Svenska.fi and Augusto Asis de Barros, member of the board in the association for persons who have chosen to integrate in Swedish in Finland, discussed with author Sabira Ståhlberg and literature researcher and development expert Sissel Korpisola from HY+ about how literature supports integration and about multicultural and multilingual writing workshops in cooperation with Luckan.

Also the project Läs- och skriviver (in Swedish) at HY+ was presented.

Sabira Ståhlberg, Alexandr Foy, Reinhold Enqvist, who has written about the language issue and nationalism in Finland, and web debater Per-Olof Sving from Sweden discussed Brokiga boken, a book created for everybody living in another culture.

On Sunday illustrator Maria Viitasalo, author Marianne Ståhlberg and garden enthusiasts Helena Enqvist and Helena Viitasalo talked about gardening, flowers and the book Blommans språk (Flower tongue).