Easy Read books are like any other books, but they have a clear language and the illustrations help you when reading.

The sentences are shorter and more simple in structure. Few difficult words are used and when they appear, they are always explained.

Easy Read texts are often concrete, but it is possible to talk about abstract questions and concepts in a text.

Even when the language is easier, the Easy Read text can contain difficult topics and issues, which require more work. Sometimes you just need to think, but in some cases you have to find out more by yourself.

We work with three levels:

Level 1 Easiest

The basic level for beginners or those who need support, or wish or need mainly basic words.

Level 2 Easier

A level with slightly more difficult words than Level 1. Intended for readers who have already attained some reading skills.

Level 3 Easy

Reading skills are developed further. More difficult words and concepts are used than in Level 2, but the sentences are still short.