Easy Read about historical crime

A mysterious key is found in a book. When Bert steals it, he does not know that Elsa is following him.

Together they find a dangerous secret, which has been hidden for hundreds of years. Magic and death are waiting for them. And a forgotten treasure…

A historical mystery with real background.

The book can also be used in schools and at home as a basis for discussions about history.

Level 3 – easy

From 12 years

Sabira Ståhlberg

The key in the book

Translation M. Ståhlberg and S. Ståhlberg

Lecti Book Studio 2017

Cover Maria Viitasalo

64 pages, 500 kb

ISBN 978-619-192-211-6 (Paper)

ISBN 978-619-192-213-0 (PDF)

ISBN 978-619-192-194-2 (EPUB)