Easy Read about historical crime

A mysterious key is found in a book. When Bert steals it, he does not know that Elsa is following him.
Together they find a dangerous secret, which has been hidden for hundreds of years. Magic and death are waiting for them. And a forgotten treasure…
A historical mystery with real background.

Easy Reads about ethics

Three Easy Reads about ethics have been published in English. Philip who is known from earlier books is now a teenager. One book tells about a girl who s being bullied on the Internet. Another is about his new classmate, a refugee, and the third about his grandmother, who is suffering from dementia.

New Easy Read Books 2016

During the autumn 2016 six books about Philip and Miranda appear in English and Bulgarian.
Sabira Ståhlberg and Maria Viitasalo have produced three natural science books and three about ethics in Swedish.