A hundred poems

Haiku is a poetry form. It has three lines and the topic can be anything.

Enjoy haiku poems about summer, friendship and gardening… and a special cat.

A book which creates happy moods and lots of smiles and laughter.

Level 1 – easiest

For all age groups

Marianne Ståhlberg

A hundred poems

Translation M. Ståhlberg and S. Ståhlberg

Lecti Book Studio 2017

Illustrations Maria Viitasalo

48 pages, 1.4MB

ISBN 978-619-192-217-8 (Paper)

ISBN 978-619-192-218-5 (PDF)

ISBN 978-619-192-197-3 (EPUB)

Flower talk

Welcome to the poetic world of flowers. Each flower has its own meaning and

its own language.

Take a nice walk through scents and colours. In the wonderful garden

there is also a cat…

Marianne Stahlberg

Flower talk

Easy Read level 1 – easiest

Illustrations Maria Viitasalo

Lecti Book Studio 2018

48 pages

ISBN 978-619-192-271-0 (Paper)

ISBN 978-619-192-270-3 (PDF)

ISBN 978-619-192-273-4 (EPUB)