Bokpil books are published both as paper books and as e-books.

Ideas for using Easy-to-read books: Easy-to-read inspiration

Edu Bokpil contains extra materials, tasks and activities.

Environment: Hugo’s history, Find in the earth, Fly in the wind, Float on the wave, Philip in the forest

Biology (human body): Chased by wolves, The quest for Kraken, Follow the bird

Study techniques: Philip and the shadow

Critical reading of sources: Philip and the spider, The palm and the spy

Develop skills: Philip in the tunnel, Philip on the ship, Philip at the airport, Philip at the zoo, Philip and the fog

Future: Fix the focus, Catch the eye

Bullying: Miranda, Philip and the net

Integration: Philip and the snow, Multicoloured book

Language: Multicoloured language

History: The key in the book, The heart of the cook

Others: A hundred poems, Flower talk, Dog and sofa