Our aims

We wish to challenge our readers.

  • Easy Read is about developing reading skills and understanding what you read. We wish to give the reader a new experience and a feeling of success.
  • In addition to understanding what you read, we wish to improve everyday capabilities. Everything is not always what is seems and what we hear is perhaps not what somebody meant.

Often we must decide quickly what to do, despite no previous experience. In our books the main characters meet with situations, which could happen to you.

We never give clear answers, but we allow the reader to decide how and when to act.

  • The reader can develop the ability to read different types of texts (multiliteracy).
  • Our books, especially the newest, are somewhere between text books, fiction and facts. They support the reader’s interest and language skills and brings the reader to other fields of literature.

Our books are cross-scientific and based on newest research, from psychology (for instance how to deal with stress and sorrow) to natural science. Before each book we do a lot of research and check facts from different sources before putting them into our texts.

We actively follow developments in the field of Easy Reads and implement national and international recommendations for Easy Read texts.